Snowboarder Flash Mob at Stratton Mountain, VT

Posted on: January 3rd, 2013 Written by: Meryl

Truism: Any day on a snowboard is a good day. But it’s pretty cool to be one of a million or so snowboarders worldwide, hitting the mountain and carving turns on the same day. World Snowboard Day is just such a global¬†phenomenon. The snowboarder’s holiday, if you will. And this year, the Ride Vermont crew set a course for Stratton Resort to stand sideways among the ranks of our fellow riders in observance.

World Snowboard Day 2012 logoStratton, as any self-respecting boarder is well aware, has a long history of breeding professional talent. The renowned Stratton Mountain School has spit out Olympian icons like Louie Vito, Danny Davis and Lindsey Jacobellis (to name just a few) and the resort’s long legacy of hosting Burton’s US Open Snowboarding Championship earned it the reputation as a proving ground for young up and comers hoping to go big time.

It only felt natural that a day dedicated to snowboarding should be celebrated on a mountain with such deep roots in the sport. And we were glad we did.

One of the many events Stratton had planned for riders was the chance to join a snowboard-only flash mob and charge down Suntanner in the early afternoon hours. We went along for the ride to shoot a quick video (see below), share the holiday with our fellow shredders and even give away a few lift tickets.

Needless to say, it was a great way for riders to come together and enjoy being part of the greater snowboarding community — a million riders strong at least. Most of all, it was a perfect day to slide on snow and have fun, and that’s what snowboarding is all about.

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