“Bigfoot-Like” Creature Captured at Vermont Ski Resort

Posted on: March 19th, 2013 Written by: Luke Q

LUDLOW, Vermont (March 19, 2013) — The Vermont Game Warden’s Office has confirmed that it has shot, and subsequently captured, a man-like forest beast that had been terrorizing freestyle terrain parks in the area. Video of the creature is above.

“We’ve been chasing this thing — some of the locals call it a Yeti — since the Clinton administration,” said warden Casey Willax at a news conference today. “We finally bagged the big bastard.”

The as-yet unidentified species was captured at the peak of Okemo Mountain after several frightened snow-bladers reporter a large, hairy, smelly snowboarder doing back flips off the pole jam feature in the park.

“I’ve seen plenty of big hairy men before, but I was all like, no way bro, there’s no way that’s a human,” said one of the snow bladers, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation by other Yetis that may still be lurking in the area.

“More Yetis may be on the loose,” warns Willax. “If you see one, please do NOT feed it or give it money. That just encourages them.”

2 thoughts on ““Bigfoot-Like” Creature Captured at Vermont Ski Resort

  1. I’ve used to see a yeti at okemo in the early 2000′s it was of the female variety and skied this is defiently a different one

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