5 Vermont-Approved Tips for Staying Warm While Riding

Posted on: January 22nd, 2013 Written by: Luke Q

staying warm in winterWith temps forecast to dip well below frozen-nose-hair territory this week, the seasoned riders at Ride Vermont present their five tips for staying warm on the slopes.

1. Bring a date. Chairlift rides are by far the coldest part of any sub-freezing day. Bring a hottie with you so you can snug up on the 13-minute ride up the 2-person Red Chair at Magic Mountain. If you’re feeling frisky, put your hands in each other’s jackets (the underarms are the warmest spot). Can’t find a date? The dude with the beard next to you in the liftline is guaranteed to put off a lot of heat; if you ask nicely he may let you sit on his lap.

2. Sit on it. Your butt is hot (don’t think we didn’t notice). It’s a big muscle with a lot of surface area, making it the perfect warming hut for your hands on the lift ride. We’re not suggesting you shove your hands down your pants, but try simply sitting on your hands, palms down, next time you’re riding the lift. Thanks to your buns, you’ll last for at least 3 more runs.

3. Paging Dr. Jameson. Is there ever an instance when proper hydration is NOT recommended while snowboarding? It’s no different here. Your body needs water, lots of water, to run at peak heat-producing capacity. If you’re pee is clear and frequent, you’re good. Then, and only then, are you permitted to sneak some slugs of whiskey from that engraved flask you got as a gift from your college buddy for being a groomsman at his wedding (you can finally use that thing!).

4. Protect ya neck, kid. If your face and neck are cold, your whole body feels it. Don’t neglect to wrap ‘em up. And don’t just throw a flimsy bandana over your grill cause it looks cool (it doesn’t). Cover up with some wool-based material or, better yet, synthetic stuff that’s designed to wick away your stinky Jameson breath. The Vermont-based Snug Life neck warmer brand is heating up — check out their lineup.

5. Think hot thoughts. The best way to do this is to distract yourself. You’re not thinking about being hot or cold, you’re just having a blast snowboarding and you don’t realize how cold it is. We recommend lapping the Nitro Park at Carinthia at Mount Snow — its short lift ride and dozens of park features can be lapped over and over again for maximum distraction. Also, try dipping into the trees on rider’s left at Stowe Mountain — the run is so long and so awesome that you’ll be sweating by the time you hit the gondola again.

What’s your best tip for staying warm?

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