5 Steps for Pre-Storm Preparedness

Posted on: February 7th, 2013 Written by: Meryl

We prayed, we danced, we sacrificed that annoying cousin to the ski gods (he was a snow-blader anyway) and finally we have appeased them. The snow gods are content (for now), possibly a few feet of snow is about to get dumped on our heads and we’re oh-so ready for it. Are you? Here’s our handy how-to guide to make sure you maximize your time with our new best friend — winter storm Nemo.

Step 1: Check your food/beer supplies
Liquor stores close early, and while science has proven that alcohol doesn’t actually keep you warmer, my grandmother always said that it did. Who are you going to trust? Don’t worry about buying too much: with 2 feet of snow, any extra Long Trail will stay nice and cold when you dig yourself a snow cooler. Also, grab some extra propane/charcoal and your favorite grillables so you can tailgate while you’re waiting for the lifts to open… you’re going to be there early, right? Tossing out Cabot cheddar singles in line will build instant karma, but don’t expect anyone to let you skip to the front of the line.

Step 2: Prepare your alibi
Go into work and complain loudly about feeling “under the weather” and how you’re “just a little off that day.” That way when you call in sick the next day, you’ll already have some cred with your co-workers at the office. If the boss asks remember, the more embarrassing your illness, the less they question it… too much information can work wonders here.

Step 3: Prep your gear
Get your board ready for some serious powder. Set back those bindings, give it a nice wax and tune. Then pack up your snorkel, flares and emergency beacon in case you get lucky enough to get lost in the white stuff. Plus, packing now means you can hit that snooze alarm one extra time and still get to the mountain early enough to catch that first chair.

Step 4: Charge your phone/camera
The only thing more satisfying than bragging to all your friends about how awesome your weekend will be, is blowing up their instagram and facebook feeds with photographic proof. Also, we recommend re-calibrating your snow accumulation measuring apparatus… in other words, clear off the top of your picnic table or duct tape a yard stick to the porch railing so you can properly exaggerate exactly how much snow you got.

Step 5: Go to bed early
Normally, we would never recommend this, but a good night’s sleep could make the difference between crapping out halfway through the day and lapping that secret stash until last chair. Storms like this don’t happen every day. Maximize your on-hill potential and turn in early for once. Get your mom to make you some warm milk or whatever… if you ask nice, maybe she’ll even sing “Kumbaya”.

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